The Gift for Kids that Keeps on Giving: the Moonjar

Heading to Target for yet another kid’s birthday gift? Stop! Whether you’re a teacher at Eanes ISD or a soccer mom in Milwood, we’ve found the only gift for kids that actually keeps on giving—literally.

Ten years ago, Eulalie Scandiuzzi wanted a visual tool to teach the money smarts she learned from her single mother to her own children. When she couldn’t find one, her company Moonjar was founded—all from a mother’s, and grandmother’s, desire to educate her children about money.

The idea was simple, and the solution, elegant. Three distinct chambers allow children to choose what they will use their money for: Saving, Spending, or Sharing. Scandiuzzi’s Moonjar, conceptually, is like a colorful, geometric, three-part piggy bank, minus the pig!

The name Moonjar, which combines the idea of shooting for the moon with putting dreams in a jar, couldn’t be more fitting: “Yes kids,” it seems to say, “dream big. Shoot for the moon, even! But, while you’re at it? Do plant your feet firmly on the ground, and start putting nickels in a jar for your journey.”

It’s no wonder the Moonjar is hitting classrooms and kitchen counters across the country!  What Moonjar LLC believes is the time to start the conversation about money is now, and the way to start the conversation is through Saving, Spending, and Sharing.

“When I talk to groups, I like to say Save, Spend, and Share are equally as important as Stop, Look  and Listen,” laughs Mary Karges, CEO of Moonjar. “If we teach our children to make choices about money from a very young age, they will tend to stay away from financial trouble later on in life.”

Today, the young company strives to bring financial literacy to children and families around the globe. “Unfortunately, parents tend to think the schools are covering this topic in schools and the schools think parents should—so the kids are left without,” remarks Karges. “Moonjar wants to make difference.” According to six industry award-givers, it already has!

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