The Birds of Lake Travis

Whether out on Lake Travis for a drink at Carlos and Charlie’s, spending a day on a boat, or visiting one of the fantastic Austin luxury homes scattered along the shoreline, visitors are likely to run across a wide variety of winged friends, enjoying their afternoon in happy coexistence.

Being on the water of the Highland Lakes allows for great nature observations, especially bird watching. Out of the 900 bird species found in the United States, 600 can be found in the state of Texas. Typical birds on Lake Travis include flocks of ducks that are more than happy to hang out with families while they take a dip in the no-boat areas, the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Great Blue Herons, gulls, Wild turkeys, and Great Egrets. Sharp-eyed visitors can even, on occasion, catch a glimpse of a Roadrunner streaming by.  

Migratory birds in the area include Canadian Snow Geese, Whooping Cranes, Pelicans, Canadian Geese, storks, and others, that make their way through the area in the fall and spring. Nearby Lake Buchanan had an exceptional visitor a few years ago: a blue-footed booby somehow managed to make it to Texas from its native Galapagos Islands. Thought to have gotten lost, it stuck around just long enough for bird enthusiasts from across the country to get a peek. Buchanan is also a great place to try to spot Bald Eagles, as they often tend to spend winter there during November through March.

Bird watching is just one of the many joys folks can find when visiting Lake Travis and its neighbors, whether they are there for a short visit or for a lifetime. For anyone looking for an extended stay in the area, Austin Realtors at Regent Property Group can help find an amazing house with great views of the birds, landscapes, and other wildlife that make lake living such a joy.