Rising Lake Travis Levels Bring Rising Property Values

After record-breaking rains in Central Texas in May, homes for sale on Lake Travis are seeing the benefit. Boat docks that once sat on dry land are now ready for lake access, and both buyers and sellers are taking note of the new appeal of lakefront homes, especially newcomers who have never seen the lake at these higher levels.

“As soon as lake levels started rising, we started fielding more interest from those wanting to buy homes on Lake Travis,” said Regent Property Group broker Brian Talley. “The views are more beautiful than they have been in years. It’s one thing to know lake levels will eventually rebound; it’s another to see water coming up on a property where it was intended to be.”

Talley said almost overnight the appeal of Lake Travis properties increased, and this is enticing more potential sellers to enter the market. “A lot of homeowners have been waiting out the drought so they wouldn’t take such a hit on the value of their properties. We’re going to see this change in the coming months, as people take more steps to go ahead with their plans to sell. This is great news for those who have been hoping for more inventory choices on the lake.”

Lake Travis water levels rose a staggering 40 feet in a brief period of time beginning in May. The lake is at almost 669 feet at the time of this article, up from 629.5 feet on May 1. The June average is about 670 feet, but the lake has missed this mark for years. Lake Travis is now only about 12 feet below its “full pool” of 681 feet. As the water levels rose, more public boat ramps and more  private boat ramps became functional, in addition to the increased depth opening up other recreational opportunities on the water.

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