Brian Talley & KVUE News on how rainy weather benefits Lake Travis homeowners

Lake Travis fullOur very own Brian Talley was featured on KVUE news on 8/22/16 in their story entitled “Realtor: Rainy weather benefits Lake Travis homeowners”. Sales for waterfront homes on Lake Travis are on track this year to have almost doubled compared to the lows of 2014 and 2009. Here are some other stats that Brian Talley came up with regarding waterfront sales on Lake Travis looking back over the last 10 years compared to this year.

Sales volume peaked for waterfront on Lake Travis in 2007 averaging over 8 waterfront sales per month and hit rock bottom in 2009 with 3.58 sales per month and then in 2012 with 4.5 sales per month and again in 2014 with 4.7 sales per month. So far this year we have averaged 9.38 waterfront sales per month (75 so far) on track to hit 111 by the end of the year. Regarding sales volume we are on track to exceed the peak of sales volume from back in 2007 by 10%.

Median sold prices peaked in 2009 at $854,250 but hit bottom in 2014 at $605,000.

There has been a 98% increase in sales volume this year compared to 2014 and a 28% increase in the median sold price this year compared to 2014.

The median sale price is 6% higher than the previous 9 year average but the median sale price is 10% lower than the high back in 2009 so there is plenty of room for growth.